USB MIDI Adapter

USB MIDI Interface for Laser Harp

All our current products, have the USB port already included. But the old ones, now dismissed, not.
We still support the dismissed products and our clients which have purchased them

The Laser Harp is a MIDI Instrument. It means that you have to connect it to a Synth or to a PC in order to get some sound.

To connect it to a Synth just use your MIDI cable. It is easy.

If you have a PC and you want to connect your Laser Harp to your PC you need this Interface. We have available several models in our warehouse, nevertheless we offer all the models at the same price.

Accessory for Laser Harp
Concerts in Pubs
Little Outdoor/Indoor Stages
Medium Outdoor/Indoor Stages
Big Outdoor/Indoor Stages
Little Parties
Wedding Parties
MIDI Out/In and USB Polyphonic