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Certifications: CE and RoHS. Kromalaser is Certified!

A Company that works in and with Europe, should take care about its clients. These must always be sure about the quality of the products they are buying from that Company.

For that reason, the European Commission obliges all the European producers to certify their devices.

This is also true for imported products from outside EEC (European Community). It is indeed your Right to get the certifications required and established by the EEC Council.

We are totally in agreement with the reasons of the directives. Even if it costs more energy, we want that you, as client of us, are fully satisfied of our products. That’s why we are aligned with the rules created by the EEC, certifying our products as required. Not only because it is mandatory, but because you come at first, and you Right to get what you expect to have.

The CE certification is applied to all our products. It indicates that the devices are strictly following certain standards forecast in the directives of Electric/Electronic devices.

The specifications are also declared in the Manual of the devices.*

To be aligned with CE specs, the device is checked and fully tested, against any possible electrical accidents and/or disturbance.

Even the protection against accidental laser contacts for us is mandatory! We are improving daily our laser harps in order to identify any possible manner to reduce this kind of impact. It should be a matter of any Company is working with lasers.

Please do not confuse it with “China export” symbol!!! This “trick” is often used by some company (mostly of the time not in European Union) to spread confusion. It’s not a CE certification and it’s not Legal!

The RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) appliance, it is vital for the environment. The rules are limiting enormously the poisoning elements are present in the electronic (and several other types) devices. With the RoHS certification we warranty that these limits are respected, and we comply that rules set.

To be sensible to the environment can cost more money, but this world it’s not only “our World”. It is the world of your children and the children of your children as well. Technology, today, can be safe and environment compliant. Kromalaser does all the best in order to warranty this.

Even we get back your old laser harp, in case you buy a new one. We think to the proper dispose of waste.

* It can be that in old manual these specs are not so clear. We invite you to download the last versions of the Manuals in order to get the specifications required.

Firmware Download

KL-3D-EVO Version 1.440 CLICK HERE Released 09-2017

KL-3D-1000 Version 1.440 CLICK HERE Released 09-2017

Kromalaser Manager 2.1 OSX CLICK HERE Released 09-2017

Kromalaser Manager Windows 7 and later 1.3 CLICK HERE Released 09-2017

Updater (required only by Windows 7 and later) CLICK HERE Released 09-2017


The XILS-lab Synthix has been fully tested and appreciated by the designer of the sounds of the real great Elka Synthex: Paul Wiffen! Do you want to play our Laser Harps with the Sound the real sounds of Elka Synthex? A special agreement between XILS-LAB and Kromalaser gives you this unique Bundle in the world. Look: Buying a KROMALASER Laser Harp, choosing the “Bundle Formula”, you will receive also an exclusive package: SYNTHIX, a program that permits you to play the real ELKA SYNTHEX.

What is SYNTHIX?

It is a virtual 16 voices analog synthesizer and as it, brings what we can call now standard analogue features :

Two oscillators with 4 selectable waveforms, Triangle, Saw, Square, Pulse and its dedicated PWM and Ring modulator mode. Additionally, the Triangle and Sawtooth waveforms do have PWM modes. Several waveforms can be selected simultaneously for each of the oscillators.

  • One multi-mode filter based on the CEM 3320 chip emulation, providing Self oscillating 12 dB and 24 dB low pass, 6 and 12 dB band pass, and 12 dB high pass modes
  • Four D-A.D.S.R. : an enhanced standard A.D.S.R. envelope with a MIDI synchronizable delay
  • Four L.F.O.s, including two never seen L.F.O.s types
  • Four embedded effects : Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Dual EQs
  • One Multi-track sequencer
  • Several playing modes including A la Moog mono modes and several Polyphonic modes

The SYNTHIX, brings also some never seen features:

  • The Chaox: an L.F.O. based on fully calculated chaotic functions. real life enters in synthesizers
  • The Rhythm: an L.F.O. with uses the Rhythm for its main purpose
  • Guitar modes, Circular and random polyphonic modes

Moreover the SYNTHIX is multi-layer and has a polytonal mode:

  • 8 totally independent layers (each layer can have its own set of oscillators, filters, envelopes, glide and L.F.O.s, with independent settings)
  • keyboards, each with its own independent arpeggiator and MIDI settings management


Detailed Technical Characteristics: CLICK HERE History and Final Words of Paul Kevin Wiffen: CLICK HERE


Here the names of SILS-Lab, involved in this great program we are offering in bundle wiht our laser Harps:
Xavier Oudin: Digital Signal Processing , plug-in design, plug-in programming Graphism: Yanick Bonnefoy Sound design Team management: Laurent Bourgeon Sound design Team: Paul-Kevin Wiffen, Lotuzia, Soundsdivine, Tzadi. Kelvin Ford, Vivolator, Ingo Weidner, Kire, Cliff Douse, Peter Schelfhout