The KL 450 BASIC is the most famous Laser harp in the world.
After several thousand pieces sold around the world, the collected experience made with this historical device, lead us to major improvements which took place on the new products.

KL 450 "PLUS"

The direct sister of the KL-450 BASIC which had the UltraSENSOR™. With this model, not any interference form the daily light or from the stage lighting was possible any longer.
It became soon the valid "next step" for all the clients whose purchased the KL-450 BASIC, and the entry level for all the new clients.


KL-PRO was the most powerful laser Harp with embedded bi-color laser projector ever (3W). Equipped with the UltraSENSOR™ it was designed for big stage purposes. The italian musical band "NEGRAMARO" and "THE LENGORCHESTRA PROJECT" bought one exemplar and it was used in several their concerts.


KL-KONTROL is the first the first ILDA Controller Laser Harp generator ever. Initially on market with the name of KL-ILDA, it signed the first step into the ILDA Laser Harp world and many tried to copy it.
This device was delivered with the pedalboard with 4 (four) footswitches and the UltraSENSOR™
Capable of many features that no other ILDA controller had before, it became soon the basis where to build the futuristic EVO models


This ILDA Controller was expressly designed for DJ purposes.
Sold in many European countries, USA and APAC territories, KL-DEE JAY was an improved version of KL-KONTROL.
It was possible to drive it via MIDI. Playing a keyboard, lasers where switched ON or OFF or changing colors, based on the note pressed on the keyboard.
KL-DEE JAY was a step between: the musical instrument and the Laser Show


With KL-KONTROLITE we dominated the low-cost market, with several hundreds of sold devices. A lot of features that not any Laser Harp in the world had and has!
Very compact buy rugged, very simple and intuitive, it had almost the same features of its major sisters: KL-KONTROL and KL-DEE JAY.
All the settings were possible using the frontal knob and using the very brilliant backlighted LCD display.
Usable in any condition even in the full darkness.
It was delivered with the 4 footswitches pedalboard, the power supply and the UltraSENSOR™