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Maurizio Carelli is the creator of all the Laser Harps you can see in this website!

Since his childood, Maurizio Carelli is a great Fan of the French musician: Jean Michel Jarre.

Maurizio has all the discography of Jean Michel Jarre and since this composer started to use a "self crafted" Laser Harp, Maurizio felt immediately in love with ...

You know the Laser Harps of Maurizio Carelli and you know Kromalaser. But artistically talking: who is Maurizio Carelli? He’s not only the creator of Kromalaser‘s Laser Harps. He has also a quite great experience and career in the Musical Sector. Here below the summary of his Curriculum.

1974-1980 – Studied Piano under the guidance of M. Malabarba, Organ-player in the “Duomo di Lodi” (italy)

1980-1990 – Started to compose music and songs. At the same time he playd in a band called “La Base” located in Trento (italy), as Keyboard-player

1989 – Graduated in Electronics and occasionally collaborated with several groups inthe province of Lodi (italy)

1990-1993 – Maurizio composed a piece of music for the Theatric Show “Creando”. It’s an ensemble of electronic and acoustic music, dance and paint. Moreover he had collaborations with several local artists

1993-2000 – Created the National Match “Primo Traguardo” for interpreters.

As Record Producer, he’s being director of Regson Studios in Milan (italy) where prestigious National Artists recorded their Records as: Fabrizio de André, Milva, Natale Massara, Pino Donaggio, Elio e le Storie Tese and several other ones.

Maurizio was the founder of Rima Records and Unigroove Records. He had artistic collaborations with Raffaella Destefano, Nello Daniele and other ones.

As Producer, directed the production of: Frau Zimmermann, B29, Pino Scotto, Ida Rendano, Maurizio Salerno

2008-2009 – As Composer and Arranger, Maurizio was working with the musical project “Fogne” by Cristina Barnasconi.

Laser Harp Kromalaser

We designed several models with laser embedded as well as ILDA Controllers.

The Laser Harps Kromalaser are amazing musical instruments, that will lead your performances into the magic of light and sound. Just plug your Laser Harp into your Synth or PC and play. Feel the sound of the light in your hands!

Since 2008, indeed, we build, sell and distribute Bi- and Multi-Color laser harps with embedded laser projectors. Truly Plug-and-Play and portable, our Laser Harps give you the full control of your performance (by M.Carelli CEO) ...

Simply use your hands to touch the rays of light to achieve a high quality polyphonic sound, just like Jean-Michel Jarre did, during his historical concert in China in 1982! What is a Laser Harp? Here is the Wikipedia def:

The laser harp is an electronic musical instrument built with several laser beams to be blocked, in analogy with the plucking of the strings of a harp, in order to produce sounds. It was popularized by Jean Michel Jarre in his concerts. It has subsequently been used in a number of different designs

In other words: a Laser Harp is a “cordophone” whose strings are made by light beams. Kromalaser's Laser Harps are industrially crafted devices that make them into the most powerful, portable and flexible Laser Harps ever made. No matter where your gig is, your living room as well as on stage.

Having an unframed structure, the laser beams of these Laser Harps can be projected to the sky creating spanning up to 2km (6 562 ft) high with min. 300mw green laser power and in skyclear conditions. You can also reflect the light beams and create a gigantic Laser Light Roof above your astounded audience, by tilted mirrors reflecting the rays through: SkyCeil!


Wear your white gloves, touch a laser beam. The light sensor UltraSENSOR™ intercepts your hand position and the matched MIDI note code will flow straight into any MIDI instrument through the MIDI-Out port.

All KROMALASER's Laser Harps are designed to drive any kind of electronic or virtual instrument (VST). Activate sequencers, dim lights and anything your creativity brings forth: you can do this all by touching a pure laser beam.


Laser Harp beams projected toward a 2kms far away mountain

Your Performance at the first place!
From 1000mW up to 6W standard and up to 100W on request. Great power for terrific, gorgeous concerts, for any kind of audience. Nobody can have more!

Even Jean Michel Jarre could dream for it. Already from the basic model of the Laser Harp KROMALASER , the power of the laser beams is enough to be seen very far away. In the picture aside you can see the laser beams to the top of a mountain 2km (6 562 feet) far, in SkyClear night condition.

The Story of KROMALASER's projects starts on July 2008 when Maurizio Carelli wanted to design and build a low cost laser harp that can be easily transported and can be easily played on stage.

Be very aware about the issues that Jean Michel Jarre shown to have with his own Laser Harp, which are causing freezing and out-sync during some concert, Maurizio wanted to create something, namely: Reliable, Rugged, and Stable

Something which is definitely easy to use by everyone. The only one way to achieve this goal, was to design a device which is exactly on that way.

The first prototype of Laser Harp was made with the tool FischerTechnik (a “Lego like” toy).

This was used to build the main support.

It was just the begin of the great adventure toward real professional devices.

Here aside, in the picture, is shown the first green laser scan test, where it gives immediately the idea of the harp plaid by Jean Michel Jarre

A special testing board was built in order to measure: beams aperture, laser power and sensitivity calibration.

The galvanometers are driven by a very fast micro-controller

Honestly, the most difficult part of the Laser Harp project, was the hardware engineering.

The engineer Ceresini, worked hardly on 3D C.A.D. in order to design the final mechanical support.

The very first Kromalaser’s Laser Harp has been really hand made.

These processes carried the Laser Harp to the final stage.

A very rugged, reliable and powerful system for your performances on Stage.

After months of testing, the Laser Harp have been used on Stage, in an official performance taken on February the 27th 2010, during WIRInMilan show.

At that point in time, Mr.Carelli made the very first official Kromalaser's website, to introduce you this great device!

In 2010, due an important meeting with one of the most known italian musician, producer and DJ: Roland Brant, a definitive improvement to the Laser Harp has been made, making the Laser Harp KL Professional to coming to life, The improvement is: the UltraSENSOR.

The UltraSENSOR makes possible to play the Laser Harp even in daily light or with stage's artificial lights.

On July 2010, after this achievement, Maurizio Carelli designed and crafted the ILDA Controller which was called: KL-Kontrol.

By this ILDA Laser Controller, it’s possible to create Laser Harps just by using all the Laser Scanners on market.

The big advantage of KL-Kontrol, is that’s possible to create Multi-Color Laser Harps, with a great variety of optical effects.

Just an example: by changing a simple set-up, colors are changing dynamically following the rhythm of the music, creating a very high psychedelic effect and keeping the distinction between: Diatonic and Chromatic notes

The KL-Kontrol was followed by the KL-Dee Jay, with which the Laser Harp could be driven by a Synth or a PC.

Both KL-Kontrol and KL-Dee Jay, were the very honored ancestors of the actual KL-KONTROLITE in all its variations.

In 2011 it was started another important project, which was introduced on market in 2012: KL-3D "EXTREME" which is the very first 3D Laser Harp in the world!

With the 3D EXTREME, the Laser Harp world is bound to have a dramatic change, making all the conventional Laser Harps in the world market: obsolete!

With this device, the IV generation Laser Harp have began

A new product chain started, and all the old products are dismissed. Today KL-3D 1000 is a powerful laser harp which has a power of 1W in total, it has 3 laser beams (RGB) and it's 3D. It substitued the old KL-450 BASIC and PLUS

KL-3D PRO it's a very professional musical instrument with Touch Screen as well as our ILDA Controller KL-KONTROL EVO

HHMC is a new system developed exclusively by KROMALASER in order to modulate each laser beam with the vertical movement of the hands

No limits any longer on our horizon. The old fashione Laser Harp of Jean Michel Jarre, now definitely appertains to the dinosaurs' Era

Kromalaser continues to improve its products and enhances its catalogue to offer you the best Laser Harps ever.

The very first Laser Harp

In this video: 3D EXTREME

We’d like to thank the following fellows for their great collaboration:

Ina COSTIUC – Russian Translations and Romanian Translation for external services of the Website
Alicja JARZABEK – Polish Translations for external services of the Website
Paolo BASSETTI – English Translations
Rémy TOURBIEZ and Elena BIANCARDI – French Translations
Tiziano DEMARIA – English/italian Translations, Website design & programming, graphics, info-graphics realizations, voice-over, IT and Program Management.
Wladimir TRINASTICH and Yan TERRIEN – Important suggestions to develop more our products’ chain
Bernard SZAJNER – Important suggestions to develop upright octaves system and for his collaboration with us